Artwork by Ashley

Student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Majoring in Visual Development.

DropVox Commission Information



For more information, email me at or simply send me an ask here on Tumblr. 

Examples of work:

Follow this link to see sound design and orchestration/music production work done by DropVox on a short clip from the movie Predator.


I know y’all are mostly visual artists buuuuut heck, maybe you know someone who needs some sweet tunes for a damn great deal? Maybe for, say, vlogging/videos, speed paintings, game design, animations, demo reels etc etc

Mike is a really great guy to work with too. That’s from personal experience!

And the best part is, this $$ would go towards the last bit of funding he needs for his 2nd semester of school. His work is fantastic now… Imagine how awesome it’ll be when he graduates!

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What other art schools did you apply to besides the art academy and why did you end up choosing to go there?
by Anonymous

I applied to FIDM when I was 18 and wanted to go into graphic design. Later I got a job doing graphic design for Live Nation and decided that it wasn’t for me.
A few years ago, I applied to PNCA… Well half applied. Never finished the portfolio process.

I have a FAQ page regarding AAU but to summarize, it really just made the most sense to me. The curriculum works very well, they have a lot of help and resources available, the classes are really cool, the teachers are professional, you can re-do any homework and turn it in again for a higher grade (school wide policy), and it’s in San Francisco which is a pretty awesome city :)