Artwork by Ashley

Student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Majoring in Visual Development.

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I love them nerds.

My pall Ayexis aka Science aka LLEXI whispwill is super cool you guys and she goes to AAU with me. We had our spring show debut together and now we live really close to each other. SO the point is, go check out her work at whispyart :)

Best of luck to all of you new AAU students!
I’m online only this semester. Classes are: Color and Design, Clothed Figure Drawing, History of Animation, and Composition for the Artist

Does anyone who follows me use a Cintiq? Could you share with me your experience? 
I’ve mostly used the 21UX at the labs in school, and played a little with my friend’s 22HD. 

I’m considering taking the plunge and getting one, but I’ll have to do some serious computer upgrading first :)

When you've livestreamed your traditional art in the past what webcam did you use?
by Anonymous

This one! It was only $10 when I got it though, I’m afraid. There’s probably some better quality ones on amazon now :)

What other art schools did you apply to besides the art academy and why did you end up choosing to go there?
by Anonymous

I applied to FIDM when I was 18 and wanted to go into graphic design. Later I got a job doing graphic design for Live Nation and decided that it wasn’t for me.
A few years ago, I applied to PNCA… Well half applied. Never finished the portfolio process.

I have a FAQ page regarding AAU but to summarize, it really just made the most sense to me. The curriculum works very well, they have a lot of help and resources available, the classes are really cool, the teachers are professional, you can re-do any homework and turn it in again for a higher grade (school wide policy), and it’s in San Francisco which is a pretty awesome city :)